Voices of the Invisible - The 'Made' King
Reddit - 11.11.19

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Do you think LeBron would change his mind if this was printed and displayed all over Hong Kong?

Hello LeBron Raymone James Sr.,

Please don't turn your back on Hong Kong.
They are fighting for rights that we take for granted and they need support from us all. They need those who stand in positions of power to not turn a blind eye. Yes, it's fair to say you are uninformed when asked a new question. But the next step is to become informed, because there are people dying, just like there are black men and women dying on the streets of America.

You've championed for those causes, and for that you will always have my respect. You've asked for others to become informed on the plights that the African American community faces. The very real prejudices that still exist. Hong Kong is now asking the same of you. So become informed, and then use your platform and your position to stand for justice for all people.

Walk your talk, Lebron.

Without freedom for all, there is freedom for none.
If our freedom is founded on the entrapment and suffering of others, then we cannot say that we are a free society. If we allow others to fall, while we sit on the top of the pyramid, we are accountable for their pains. Do not let China censor global free speech through heavy handed tactics and manipulations of the global markets. Do not let China leverage the freedom of its people, by forcing the opinion of the few onto the lives of all. The people of China are not bargaining chips. You are not disappointing your fans by staying true to your beliefs. It is China who disappoints its people by trying to control their liberties.

I did not make this piece to vilify you. I only offer a perspective of the choices you are making. I ask that you do not sit idly by in silence, because while you have been put into a difficult situation, your silence is deafening. So be loud. Be angry. Stand up for the rights we know you believe in, and be a global citizen the world can look up to.

Stand with those in need. Stand with Hong Kong.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

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