WTF is a Kusheen
Kusheen is a quarterly music and culture printed magazine. Every issue is printed with high-quality papers and inks and delivered directly to your doorstep. We print at 7x7in and each issue contains articles covering everything from music festivals to weed legalization. We believe that fully engaging with the music we enjoy and the festivals we experience can bring meaning into our lives. And during this age of instant gratification from our devices, we found the need to disconnect and instead experience each other and the moments we were living first hand. We aim to bring you real-world experiences, and discuss what we can do better as a community. We hope you'll join us for this conversation.

Our Promise
We promise to never deliver you rehashed articles, or click bait garbage. Instead we want to dive deep into what we discuss, and bring you some of the coolest info we can find. Join us as we discover new artists, new crafters, and new ways of thinking. Join us as we look at some of bigger music festivals, such as Symbiosis - Oregon Eclipse, and what they are doing right and what they got wrong. We shine light on a few different artist portraits we think you should know about, from the saxiest man in town, 🎷 GRiZ, to our favorite space mom, 👽 Rezz. So no, you wont be able to read everything in the magazine in this blog (although we will put lots of awesome content here too!), but what we are putting together is pretty special, and we think you'll think so too once you've read it.

Author: Sean Pryor
🍍 Chief Cannabis Officer 🍍


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