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A Day for Trees & Ents
By: 🍍 Adam Floyd - 04.20.18

By now, just about everyone knows the origins of the term “420”. What started out as a code word for codeword for pot-smoking, treasure hunting high schoolers in 1971 San Rafael, California was eventually picked up by The Grateful Dead. Since then, the term has evolved and changed. Airbnb and Craigslist ads advertise 402-friendly hot spots, and the twax crowd has adopted 710 (oil upsidedown) to commemorate the best time to dab.

Nowadays, 420 is a global quasi-holiday. There are likely tons of things to do in your area (if you live in a cool place) or group of friends you can chief with. Even so, you might be at a loss for things to do while high. Well, puzzle no more! Here are 42 things you can do to celebrate 420!

For the Music Fans
Listen to this reggae-bass mix from DJ Dragonfly!
Buy Issue #2 of Kusheen Magazine. Just released today!
Check out Kusheen’s 420 playlist on Spotify.
Find a live show in your area.
Watch an old Bob Marley concert.
Go to the park and start a drum circle.
Expand your mind with Shpongle’s discography.
Get silly with S3RL’s happy hardcore mix.
Start your very own Rock Band!

Earn Stoner Points
Learn to roll a joint.
Learn to roll a blunt.
Build a gravity bong.
Have sex while high 🍑🍆💕.
Cook up something tasty.
Give some weed to a friend in need 💚.
Learn about different strains from Leafly.
Get a medical marijuana card.
Do a dab while you dab.
Stay calm and hit the Volcano!
Dispel some urban legends around drug use.
Learn some weed hacks to simplify your life.

What to Watch
Trip out on alleged UFO videos.
Watch The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down, a mockumentary covering the LA drug scene.
Blow your mind with this DMT documentary.
Watch anything from Doug Benson.
Binge watch That 70s Show, toke up when the characters do for bonus points.
Laugh at old anti-drug PSAs from the 80s and 90s.
Get weird with Cows Cows Cows and other videos.
Push your fears by watching Oculus.
Get silly with The Knights of Badassdom.
Watch Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Random Things to Do
Read some experience reports from Erowid.
Summon a demon 😈.
Get into flow arts.
Take a personality test.
Get a tarot card reading at the local new age bookshop.
Learn to juggle, it’s a great party trick.
Learn sleight of hand to fool your friends.
Break out the art supplies, fingerpaint is a personal favorite.
Read some sci-fi. Might I recommend Philip K. Dick?
Do a little online shopping.
Go for a hike!

There’s no way you can do all of this in one day, so sprinkle these activities throughout your life. Remember, you carry the spirit of 420 with you all year long. For more great music news and pot to-dos, subscribe to Kusheen Magazine today!

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