How to (Not) Write a Pot Review

By: 🍍 Adam Floyd - 05.20.18

Step one in writing any cannabis review is to test the product, in all seriousness. How else will you understand the product? The flavors, smells and headspace can only be described via experience.

What you absolutely should not do is get too high to write the review. And then to put it off until Tuesday. And smoke a different weed. And kind-of, sort-a try to remember what the other high was like. But also being too high on this weed to write a proper review of the last weed.

And don’t get stuck watching that dumb How To Make a Subway Sandwich video on YouTube. It’s abusively-funny, but not a great use of your time.

Step two is to pick-up an issue of Kusheen Magazine. It’s a magazine for festival geeks, by festival geeks. Our quarterly issues cover electronic music, festival artwork, interviews with artists, weed culture and more.

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